Due to its nearby location and shared research topics, the EMT Systems Engineering Training Centre is currently or leading partners in both training and research projects.
Our employees are lecturers who conduct the following training courses in the field of polymer composites: “Chemo- and thermosetting composite materials – introduction to polymer chemistry, composite properties and production methods ” and “Technical assessment of the quality of polymer composites”.

Our partnership is also aimed at implementing joint initiatives aimed at providing research services and implementing advanced production technologies. As partners, we respond to the current needs of the composite industry.

For many years our workers have conducted research projects with the Silesian Aviation Industry Science and Technology Centre which has given us access to highly specialised laboratory equipment and technical laboratories. We provide mutual support in the area of technology consulting and R&D and design services.

This cooperation enables us to conduct activities in the field of research and development services, specialized training, mutual promotion and many innovative initiatives.

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